Specialist Elective Module

Connected Car and

Intelligent Product Advisor


Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, degree program User Experience Design, 6th term

Course description

The teaching concept of both courses prepares students for complex questions and provides tools for problem solving. After an initial research and analysis phase, each team must draw up a research plan. This means that every step and every method (e.g. participating observation, qualitative interview, survey,...) is listed here. The aim is to better understand the potential user group, to get to the bottom of the problem and to develop innovative solutions. Theoretical findings are thus used and transferred into the design. After completing the course, the students are familiar with applying creative methods and designing a user-friendly application (e.g. app, service, product, concept,...). The acquired process can be transferred for further work. In addition, the students are able to critically argue concepts and design approaches and discuss them professionally.

Milestones of the course concept


Connected Car

The course is addressed to students who want to question existing interaction concepts and develop futuristic ones while focusing on digital products that can be connected to vehicles. The students are supported by the lecturer through appropriate methods as well as by the Daimler TSS team in form of professional feedback. The topics extend the existing Meredes Me App or strive to set new impulses:

‒ Benchmark of the interaction design of connectable vehicle apps.

‒ My car is not connected, yet! Added value of a vehicle app and its

features if the vehicle is not connectable.

‒ Intelligent impulses and predictions at the right time and through the

right medium.

‒ Future scenario of a »connected car« app based on interactions before,

during and after the drive.

‒ Positive user experience despite creepyness factor of intelligent


‒ »Connected car« apps as a sales argument for the automobile brand.

Intelligent Product Advisor

After completing the course, students will be able to design a virtual sales assistant and integrate a chatbot procedure to generate added value in the consultancy. The main focus of the course is the elaboration and visualization of different scenarios and communication concepts for intelligent product advisors. The suggested themes are very wide-ranging and diverse:

‒ Benchmark and optimization ideas of virtual product advisors

with an integrated chatbot.

‒ UX-conversations with chatbots while focusing on conversation flow,

content and user experience.

‒ Solution for the classification of the consumer's type and the customer


‒ Concept for the administration of the content management system.

‒ Intercultural requirements and conceptual approach to the

adaptability of different target markets.

‒ Test approaches for user testings of an intelligent product advisor.