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Anna Keilbach

Basic Principles of Visual Design

Data Graphics


Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, degree program User Experience Design, 2nd term

Course description

Within the framework of this course, a block of several days take place on the topic »thi and student life«. First of all, the course participants brainstorm subtopics such as educational background of thi students, semester abroad, technical equipment, room occupancy, research projects, canteen, university sport, housing situation, financing, side jobs, infrastructure and nightlife. Clustering simplifies focusing and creating a study in order to gather the necessary data. Theoretical input about quantitative and qualitative study set-up is given. The next step is to evaluate and visualise the data on a poster. Hereby, the aim is to make the information accessible and to present it in a clear way. A lot of patience is required, as several concepts and drafts have to be prepared and discussed. In addition, a sensitivity for typography is needed.


The following posters were awarded due to a special aspect (e.g. idea & concept,  graphical presentation, typographical implementation):

A. Beidoun, C. Lehnerts, C. Huber, D. Angermeier, S. Wild

H. Krause, L. Forster, L. Semmler, T. Kunert, K. Bosch

T. Özsahin, P. Neher, M. Kronester, N. Toth, M. Götz

R. Vrabel, L. Janetschke, S. Becker, V. Brunner, G. Zambrana

T. Zimmermann, N. Vogel, L. Hilberer, J. Roggenkamp, P. Schurr







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