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Anna Keilbach

Trend and Future Research

Home Sweet Home



Forecast about the way of living in 20 years.



To find out how our living conditions will change in the future, it has to be known first what affects them today. The way we live and where we live depends on the three factors society, technology and the environment. The following current phenomena have an influence on today's housing situation: connectivity, convenience, health, neo-ecology, female shift, demographic change, new work, work-life-balance, smart consumption & simple living, sharing economy & collaborative consumption, individualization, generation Y, nomadic and automations.


By applying the methods of trend and future research, the aim is to obtain, visualize, and communicate future living.



For the prognosis, the seven areas of residential structure, facilities & furnishings, equipment, supply & energy, food as well as building materials and architecture were examined in relation to the mentioned influencing phenomena. These aspects were analysed and compared both in the past and today. This led to conclusions and forecasts for housing in the future. The size of the cubes varies due to the its weighting — pioneers are great, nuances rather small. Over time, the weighting of the influencing factors can grow or shrink.



The cubes present the living situation of three different epochs through texts, infographics and pictures. The topic becomes particularly exciting when we look ahead. The flexible system allows its readers to draw conclusions, to sort  different subject areas and to put together his own image of the future.

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, 1st term 2015 (MA), Lecturer: Marc Stussak

Project partners: Julia Albert, Sabine Dziebowski, Jasmin Hellmann








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