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Tram number 6 runs from the north of Helsinki to the south where the landing stage of the ferries are located. The route, the travel times and another topic should be presented on a poster.



A city's atmosphere, characteristics and uniqueness is not only caused through visible things but the invisible things which create its individual flair. It is thus caused by different impressions (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling). At the same time we can feedback visible things through the invisible factors. For example, if it smells flowery, there is a park or a flower shop.



The invisible things, which nevertheless play an essential role, should be visualized. This piques the curiosity of city visitors. They are inspired to see and think about the city from a different angle.



The poster series highlights the following topics that relate to the five senses:

– Seeing: electric lighting

– Be seen: security cameras

– Smell and taste: sort, characteristics and intensity of odorous

– Listening: different types of sounds, noise sources and volume level

– Feeling: vibration of the ground and its cause, internet connections



Exemplary, the fist topic »seeing« was implemented. For this purpose, the light intensity and source was examined at each tram stop. An additional graphic illustrates the hours of sunshine in Helsinki, which has an influence on the burning period of the electric light in turn.


LAMK Lahti University of Applied Sciences, 6th term 2014 (BA)

Lecturer: Christoffer Leka







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