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In Germany, 5200 courses of studies are available and there are more

than 30000 job titles.



The flood of information about vocational orientation is enormous. Above all, pupils are overwhelmed, disoriented and unmotivated to decide for the right job category for themselves. Even young professionals do not have it easy to find a job right after graduation. In addition, almost half of the workforce is dissatisfied with their current job.

50% of school leavers

have absolutely no idea

of their future career.

35% of students

do not find work directly

after graduation.


Pupils, students and professionals should give an overview of the numerous career opportunities. The vocational choice should be fun and the content should be as authentic as possible and up to date.


Concept is a career orientation platform that connects pupils, students and professionals. Moreover, it promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience. The categories »orientate«, »inform« and »communicate« cover all facets of career orientation. The content is intelligently linked.


An innovative filter function – based on a real matching system – allows users an individual and targeted career orientation. Thereby, similar professions are proposed for each selection which then continue to intensify. The data visualizations offer an optimal opportunity to compare professions. The job-specific filter provides a realistic overview of possible options for the chosen one. In addition, this filtering serves for orientation, further education and contact finding through which members within a professional group can exchange views. Moreover, members can search or offer internships and vacancies. Overall, the knowledge transfer of the generations is paramount.



The project was followed up and checked for start-up suitability during a 2-week academy. »Future Network« honoured with a recognition and presented the project at the Future Convention in Frankfurt.


HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd , 7th term 2014/15 (BA), bachelor's thesis

Supervisors: Prof. Ralf Dringenberg, Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz



45% of employed people

are dissatisfied with their current job.






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