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− Designing for Brands



The product, including the packaging, should embody the English advertising agency Webb de Vlam.  It should be used as a gift for customers.



In order to find a suitable present, I transferred crucial keywords that characterize Webb de Vlam. Here are some examples:


Discover, innovate and design, listen, observe, think and analyse

– This is Webb de Vlam's slogan and approach. Their outstanding problem-solving skills lead to meaningful brand experiences. During cooking, it is necessary to analyse the taste of the spices. And of course, it's fun to discover new flavours and invent new spice combinations.


Creative passion

Webb de Vlam is a collaborative organization that works with dedication and passion. Mediocrity is not  tolerated. Cooking is a passion. Cooking without spices would only be a mediocre result.



Webb de Vlam's customers and consumers are key players in the creative process. Involving them is very important. The spice package also includes the customers. They can use the spices for creative cooking and to invent their own mix.

LAMK Lahti University of Applied Sciences, 6th term 2014 (BA)

Lecturer: Markus Toivanen



»Design world’s best kept secret«

Webb de Vlam is sometimes still referred to as »»Design world's best kept secret«, even though they won several awards for their design work for well-known brands. The knowledge about healing powers of herbs and spices is an old secret, which can be rediscovered. The outer packaging of the product is a mystery because it gives no indication of the content.



The spice box contains a selection of unique herbs and is as multifaceted as Webb de Vlam. The collection inspire creative cooking and appeal to all five senses. Thus, the perfect present that allows  customers a great experience at the same time.



The work was awarded by Starpack and the World Packaging Organization.





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