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Anna Keilbach

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Design workshops

Together with  Maria Keilbach (architect) and Peter Keilbach (product designer), I perform various workshops for the Foundation Deutsches Design Museum. A strong movement needs a strong leitmotif: Under the motto »Entdecke Design«, the nationwide education and cultural initiative invites children and young people to sensitize them to design in everyday life and to develop their creative potential in interdisciplinary workshops. The focus is on the design process.


Conceptualized and performed workshops:

»sitzen« at Max-Eyth-Schule, Bieringen

»Strukturen« at Albert-Hith-Schule, Brackenheim

»Punkt, Linie, Fläche« at Gewerbliche Schule, Künzelsau

»Kunst ist nicht Design« at Schillerschule, Aalen


Since 2016, my activities include the independent preparation and delivery of eight different lectures in the study programme User Experience Design and Business Information Systems. I am strive to teach in cooperation with companies to prepare students for their future work life. All in al, I am happy to engage students in the learning process, while at the same time being inspired by them.


Conceptualized and performed lecturers:

Basics Principles of Visual Design: Data Graphics

– Practical in Design of Human-Machine Interfaces: Tools

for Interactive Prototyping

– Preliminary Internship: Portfolio and Application Process

Scientific Seminar: UXD & Artificial Intelligence

– Scientific Seminar: Analogue vs. Digital

– Scientific Seminar: Agile Software Development

Specialist Elective Module: Connected Car

Specialist Elective Module: Intelligent Product Advisor

– Project: Information Visualization

Degree program User Experience Design







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