Scientific Seminar

The role change of User Experience Design (UXD) with regard to the development and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, degree program User Experience Design, 6th term

Course description

The seminar strives to clarify one of the following topics while learning the basic skills for scientific work. After a warm-up and thematic introduction, each team has time to study, research and prepare its topic. The research results have to be presented to the class then. Through an individual chosen discussion format or exercise, the fellow students are to be involved. The seminar is rounded up by writing a scientific paper and designing a poster. This will be exhibited at the university, thus fostering a discourse.

Extract of the ethical discourse

Examples of topics

New forms of work thanks to the new »Artificial Intelligence« technology

Many companies are still in a deep sleep. At the moment there is little awareness of the transformation. What new ways of working of interdisciplinary cooperation does AI require? How does collaboration change? What role does AI play with regard to interdisciplinary cooperation in companies? How must companies prepare themselves for the transformation to industry 4.0 in order to be equipped for the associated radical change, transformation and setback?


Conversational User Interfaces - the Future of Human-Machine Communication

We should not only wipe and type, but above all speak with our mobile devices. Combined with AI, the chatbots of the future will not only make our digital everyday lives easier. They should change how we communicate with our devices. What are the next development steps - command line, graphical user interfaces and operating systems, text input via keyboard and mouse, smartphones and apps with wipe gestures? Is the trend towards personalized communication with computers on the rise? What can chatbots already deliver? How can these be integrated into the design? In which areas can chatbots be used for digital products while offering added value for the HCD?


User Experience Design with regard to Artificial Intelligence:

State of the art today ‒ situation tomorrow

What are the touch points and overlaps between UXD and AI? Will the approach of the design process, influenced by the new technology, differ in future? If so, how? How do new, intelligent technologies support the development, implementation and integration of UXD? Can the endeavour of the Human Centered Design approach be better achieved for digital products with the use of AI technologies? Which problems arise or exist for its users?


Creativity is never replaceable!?

Will creativity be replaceable by new technologies in the future? Creativity was a magic word. But even if most creative people don't like to hear that, creativity is nothing more than the new combination of existing elements, ideas, concepts and strategies. Many creative people do this intuitively, but all of them know that it takes a lot of trial and error to create a truly innovative design. This combinatorial trial and error of the creative process is now mastered by AI much faster and more efficiently. This produces even more crap than human creatives do. But they also find the pearls in a matter of seconds.